I think we’ve all been there, spending hours on YouTube binge watching clothing hauls, OOTW’s, look books and GRWM videos.  And if you’re anything like me, you did a lot of this throughout your teenage years, and you probably still enjoy watching them. However, now that I’m aware of what fast-fashion is all about, I have begun to realize that most of the clothing promoted in these videos, were purchased from fast-fashion brands, in turn encouraging over-consumption.

Fortunately, ethical and sustainable fashion is gaining a platform in the fashion space on YouTube. There are a number of YouTubers out there promoting and encouraging their viewers to shop more consciously, by delivering the same great content all of us were obsessing over.

Let’s go over some of my favourite YouTubers who are using their platforms to show their viewers just how easy and fun it is to shop with a conscious mind.


Jenny from Wear I Live is living her best life in Brooklyn while attending FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Not only is she going to school for fashion, but she’s also minoring in sustainability. Jenny is focused on navigating the fashion world in a more ethical and sustainable way. Her videos vary from thrift hauls to plant-based eating and chats about slow fashion. Jenny is always honest and organic with her viewers; she’s just a college student trying to get by while leaving the smallest eco-footprint possible.


Ashley is a film student at UCLA in California. In her videos, she’s her most authentic self. She’s hilarious, but serious when it comes to fashion. Her videos range from look books to how to’s, and a crowd favourite, her thrift flips. She shows her viewers that you don’t have to have endless amounts of money or hurt the environment in order to be trendy, all you need is some thrifted clothes and a sewing machine (or needle and thread for some of the simpler flips).


Hitomi is a spiritual being living in NYC. Her videos focus on being yourself and loving yourself while in the theme of fashion and lifestyle. She cares for the earth and the people living on it; she just wants everyone to care as much as she does and you can feel that while watching her videos.


Arden was one of those YouTubers that put out fast-fashion hauls, and she knows it. When she learned how unethical the brands she was buying from were, she stopped promoting them and instead started promoting ethical and sustainable brands. Arden doesn’t filter herself when it comes to, well anything. She’s brutally honest with her viewers in what she promotes and she’s well aware of the harm she has caused by buying and promoting fast fashion. She even has her own line of sustainable graphic tees!

There are many more YouTubers in the fashion space that utilize their platforms in similar ways that the ones listed do. Some are avid thrifters, some are vegan foodies, but all have one thing in common; their love for our planet and the people living on it.

Featured photo from Bēhance; Photographer Owen Benfield 2018

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