Over the next 4 weeks, I will be bringing to you a series called “Women of Fashion” that showcases the women who have taken the fashion industry by storm, paving the way for us fashion lovers.


Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power: Founders of Clique Media and the minds behind the mega-popular digital publication, whowhatwear.com

Hillary and Katherine both came from a background of working for fashion magazines, where they were able to see a gap in the industry. They felt something, like a fashion media website, was missing.

Who What Wear (WWW) started back in 2006 when fashion blogs and digital media companies were relatively unknown. WWW broke boundaries by taking advantage of the ever-powerful Internet and created a database of celebrity style looks that were released on a daily basis, as opposed to celebrity magazines which were typically weekly or monthly editions. Creating this website for celebrity style allowed style-savvy people to follow celebrity fashion at a much quicker pace than with any other publication.

Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power


Thus stemmed a website, that more than 10 years later, is still relevant and viable. It also now includes updates on runways and trends, with multiple articles being released everyday.

From the success of Who What Wear stemmed other digital publications including Byrdie, MyDomaine, College Fashionista, The/Thirty & Obsessee. All of these companies, under the umbrella of Clique Media, are prime examples of what good websites can do, and how they are stretching their reach to every woman, no matter their interests and demographic.

While Byrdie has a focus on beauty and wellness, MyDomaine provides readers tips on home decor and design. Both online publications have recently been sold to Dotdash, where they will continue to thrive.

College Fashionista is a website marketed towards fashion lovers who are in their prime college years (i.e. perfect for most of us!). What makes them unique besides their target age, is the opportunity for college students to become a part of the College Fashionista Community and give a go at writing articles which could be published on the website!

These websites showcase the reach and talent that has been brought forth by the brains behind Clique Media; Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers.


From the grounds of L.A., a home to celebrities, rose Who What Wear and now Clique Media Group, who were able to build a successful company from scratch.

The founders of WWW created a digital media company during a time where there was hardly any in existence. They were and continue to remain in the limelight, and are a database for all things fashion, especially considering the heavily saturated social media presence and online fashion publications. Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power started a digital media revolution back in 2006, becoming one of the first successful fashion media companies and continue to be sources of inspiration in the fashion industry.

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Featured Image from MyDomaine

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