Whether you love it or hate it, winter has descended upon us. In Canada this means bringing out your jackets, snow boots, furry scarves, warm beanies, and anything else that would help keep us warm as we go about our daily lives. While we take precautions to stay warm throughout winter, a lot of us forget to maintain one of the most important parts our body: our skin. Outside elements like cold winds, icy rains and snowfalls, and heat from indoor heaters can easily cause our skin to dry up leading to break outs. This can easily ruin your skincare routines, winter holiday makeup and keeps you camera-shy.

 As much as many of us don’t realize, it is actually pretty easy to take care of your skin during the harsh winter months and keep it looking fresh and hydrated. We have rounded up some of the top tips for you to try out this holiday season as you prepare for some great festivities.

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1.Coconut and Almond Oil Rub: If you like many of us love warm baths, especially during the winter, fear not. You can still have your warm baths provided you do it the right way. Coconut and almond oil can be your best friend during the winter as you apply them on your body prior to your bath time. Add a few drops into your bath too for an aromatic and moisturizing feel. You could also follow the above for when you take a quick shower. Furthermore, make sure that you avoid using hot water as tempting as it may be during the cold season.

2. Hydrating Shower Gels and Cream Bars: Utilize hydrating formulas in the shower to avoid the chemicals from stripping your skin off of its natural oils. Avoid harsh scrubs and keep the deep cleansing products for once a week. You want to make sure you are adding moisture to your skin instead of taking it away.

3.Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize: The golden rule during the winter months is to moisturize yourself whenever possible. Use creams instead of lotions for added softness and to keep your skin hydrated for a longer period of time. Ensure you lather on some cream post-shower or bath to avoid cracked skin.

4.Travel-sized Creams: Keep a tube of cream or two in your handbag to hydrate yourself on the go. The cold winds as you walk outside can surely make your face and hands dry up pretty quick. For those with skin conditions, ensure you have your medicated or non-scented creams on hand for every time you step outdoors.

5.Hydrating Face Wash: Yes, just like your shower gels and cream bars, stock your medicine cabinet with some hydrating face wash that you can use not only in the morning or before you get to bed, but also the moment you step into your home from the cold. Make sure to splash cold water on your face first to avoid the sudden change in temperatures from affecting your skin. Use gentle face exfoliators three times a week and massage your face to ensure good blood circulation. A weekly mask is your best bet to get an all-round nourishing and hydrating effect.

6.Face Serums and Sunblock Creams: Sun blocks are not just for the summer. In fact, we often forget to use sunblock during the winter that it causes our skin to fade in color and increases the risk of skin cancer. Ensure you lather on some sunblock and primer on your face before applying makeup to protect it from any conditions in the future.

7.Lip Balms and Petroleum Jelly: Whether you’re a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, we all need to constantly moisturize our lips during the winter season to ensure we do not dry them out or cause them to turn blue from frostbite. It is often the most common part of our face that gets affected in the cold weather before any other part does. Carry around a mini stick or a tub of Vaseline to protect your lips from the harsh weather. You can always grab a scented one that also tastes good with every lick. Don’t forget to scrub your lips every other day with some sugar or lip scrubs to rid it of dead skin cells.

8. Shea Butter and Vitamin E: Always look for products that contain these two ingredients when shopping for winter skincare products. They are known for their moisturizing qualities and keep your skin feeling soothed and soft, just like a baby’s.

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Let your skin NOT be the issue this winter. Let it not stop you from looking your very best. Check out our social media feed for some great winter products to complement your winter skincare regime.

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