At the end of every month, the Thompson Hotel hosts When Fashion Meets, a fashion networking event run by the Toronto Fashion Industry. With free cover, lively atmosphere, and a fashion show it provides industry professionals and local fashionistas a place for conversation, drinks, and talking business! The meet and greet is a fantastic way to make lasting connections, as well as meet new friends.

Poster for this month’s event: Toronto Fashion Industry

For the November 2018 addition, organizers did something new – instead of one fashion show, there were two! Accompanied by live music, models wearing shawls by moXrano and then shoes by Aristocracia walked the makeshift runway through the crowd, and into the main lobby of the hotel.

We at Infuse were lucky enough to be able to speak with the designers backstage about their start in the industry, their brands, and the show that night!

Infuse team backstage: Photo by David Wong

Rania Baltaji is the co-founder of moXrano, a collaboration between her and her brother. Their capes, shawls and scarves are all manufactured in Italy.

Models wearing a moXrano shawl and Aristocracia boots. Photo by David Wong

Rania: We wanted to have two shows, so that we weren’t stealing each other’s thunder. We wanted to be able to give a fair presentation to each one. It’s important to be respectful and supportive. It’s empowerment, especially when it comes to women.
Our family has a very long history in fashion, especially men, because my father dealt with men’s textiles for so long. Personally, I started working with our Italian designer, Sara Martinolli, about a year ago.
This is my first show, I’m a little nervous, but super excited. With the support of the team here, everybody’s helpful and wants to see you succeed. That’s the comforting part of all of this. Everyone else will fall into place!

Maria Ferrerya is the designer for shoe line Aristocracia.

Aristocracia’s display in the lobby of the Thompson Hotel.

Maria: My brand is casual but elegant. I tried to combine function and fashion, choosing the most comfortable but glamorous materials. 6 years ago, I was doing clothing, but going back and forth to Argentina I went into shoe design as I was interested in learning how to incorporate Argentinian textiles into my brand, like leather. I discovered that I like designing and creating shoes a lot more than clothing!
My favorite shoe in the collection is the black mule with the gold ribbed heel. While the shoe itself is made of cow hair, the heel is a special type of acrylic that is popular in Italy.
This is our first show, as it’s a bit difficult to do a fashion show with just shoes. It’s harder to get organizer’s attention. I’m excited, but mostly nervous!

Model Tania Sharma gets ready for the show.

“I love the When Fashion Meets networking events. It’s free, first of all, and you meet the most amazing people!” gushed model Tania Sharma backstage. I caught up with her while she was getting her hair ready for the show. She’s been modeling for under a year, but doing runway 6 months, and keeps coming back to When Fashion Meets. “I’ve worked with them before, modeling back in the summer, and I had such a great experience. From working with them and having a great connection with the organizer, I told them I was interested in walking for them again!

When Fashion Meets is always a blast for everyone involved, and a great opportunity to give local brands recognition within the industry. We at Infuse are looking forward to attending next month, and we know everyone else is who attended the show is as well!

Written by Astrid

Featured image from Toronto Fashion Industry

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