Jonathan Hirschfeld and Max Schiller

There is a new Basics brand on the street, and they are slowly taking over. Eytys (pronounced as 80’s), being a Unisex brand located in Stockholm, Sweden, was created by Jonathan Hirschfeld and Max Schiller in 2012; their first collection debuting in April 2013. They created their first product to be a shoe, called “Mother.” Hirschfeld, having some experience working with Acne studios, wanted to create a basic and reliable shoe brand not bound to gender. Gender equality is a major part of the Scandinavian zeitgeist, with Sweden being ranked fourth in gender equality in the world. Upon the release of their first collection, Eytys was carried across 25 of the duo’s favourite stores. Around the time of their Spring 2014 collection, Eytys were carried across 60 different retailers (including Dover St. Market).

Image from H&M

Over the past few years the fashion industry has seen a push for more gender-neutral clothing. In the years to come, expect to see the line between mens and womenswear blur even more. This is great news for you fashion loving men, as years ago it seemed there was very little focus on menswear.

Eytys Campaign; Image from Pamper.my

Another goal of the Eytys brand is to offer their products at an affordable price. For a high-end brand, their prices are more reasonable than that of OFF WHITE, or MGSM; but still not at a price point that all can afford. That is up until now. Master collaborators H&M have teamed up for an epic line with Eytys. Considering they only create collaborations with the fashion industry giants: Moschino, Margiela, Balmain, Kenzo, Jimmy Choo etc.; this is a big deal for an up and coming brand like Eytys. Only being on the market for 6 years now, this solidifies their spot within the industry. So all you men, & women too, check out the collaboration online HERE; or if you are in the Toronto area pop down to the Eaton Centre to check it out.

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Written by Deanna Thayer

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