Have you visited Unboxed Market, Toronto’s very first zero-waste shop? Owned and run by Michelle Genttner and Luis Martins, they saw a need for a low-impact store in the heart of the busy city. The two both grew up in rural areas where they were raised to appreciate their food and where it came from.

“It was the restaurant life that really opened our eyes: not just to the disconnect that many people today have with their food, but also to the incredible amounts of unnecessary waste that occur every day.”

After discovering the amount of waste that comes from the food industry, not limiting to the food itself but also the packaging, the duo decided to take action. It took 6 months to realise their goal and today, the store is officially up and running.

Before you head over to check it out, we thought you should know how it works:

1. Weigh

Bring your clean empty containers or jars that you’d like to fill up with items to weigh; you could also write item descriptions on them. If you don’t have one to spare from home, you can pay a deposit for one of theirs!

2. Fill

Fill up your containers with as much product as you’d like.

3. Pay

When it’s time to pay for your product, they deduct the value (weight) of your container from the total.

4. Repeat

Go back again once you’ve used up your product for a refill!

Unboxed Market also has an in-store café where you can grab a coffee or some lunch, provided you have a reusable mug or container in hand.

They say going zero-waste will not only save you from accumulating it, but it will also save you money. To check it out for yourself, they are located at 1263 Dundas Street West.

Cover photo Photo by oldskool photography on Unsplash

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