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Caring for your skin should never be a task pertaining solely to females. At Infuse, we believe in equality for all. No matter your true pronoun or gender identity, I invite you to join the community for glowing skin 2019. Safer skin care is as essential for men as it is for women. Here are some skin-care and grooming products/ trends for this season. 


Skincare industries are putting tremendous efforts towards the production of skincare that are resistant to pollution while still providing protection from the harmful UV rays. As a child, we were warned by our overprotective but loving momma bear to shield ourselves from these harmful rays. And as a child, you indubitably denied and disobeyed orders because you were the devil in disguise. Skincare products, namely with SPF, are expected to see a significant increase in popularity in 2019.  Men are determined to achieve a radiant complexion by keeping their skin healthy, bright and hydrated. This doesn’t just benefit their appearance but also their health and the environment. Recently, men are paying attention to these paramount questions: ‘is it sustainable?’, ‘is it rid of toxins?’, ‘what about anti-pollution?’ and ‘is the overall safety of the product safe to use on the skin?’ 


Men have become cautious about what they are applying on their skin and are eager to gain additional knowledge about how various products are made. One of the major skincare trends in 2019 is moving towards a more organic and sustainable path. Organic skincare products are packed with antioxidants and inflammation-fighting vitamins and minerals to help rejuvenate your skin. Consumers want shorter, more transparent ingredient decks they can understand, without the inclusion of toxic or synthetic chemicals. Take care of your skin by eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins that are typically found in generic skincare products. 

GENDER NEUTRALITY/ MENS MAKEUP We see a slow but gradual decline in the “FOR MEN” labeling found on many of the products meant for men, as though they were not allowed to use other products. The strict gender roles within the beauty industry are steadily becoming much more relaxed. Brands are moving towards a more unisex approach by advertising and promoting in a non-stereotypical traditional sense (pink is for women, and dark colours are for men). Recently, Chanel launched a revolutionary makeup line for men called ‘Boy De Chanel.’ The kit itself consists of an eyeliner, a brow pencil, and an SPF tinted foundation. This collection promotes the idea that beauty does not hold boundaries to a specific gender but to your personal style and individuality.

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Written by Bow Greenwood

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