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It’s officially red carpet season.

Cameras flash as photographers try and get the best shots of dazzling celebrities wearing unforgettable couture looks. Social media buzzes with fan favourites and flops of the evening.

The focus of the night is typically on the ladies wearing sparkling, one of a kind gowns. However, there have been times (especially recently) where dashing men stole the show. Designers and stylists are becoming increasingly creative with new and modern looks, but there is one formal menswear staple that never fails in making us swoon: the tuxedo.

The “tuxedo” as we know it today was introduced by Pierre Lorillard IV, a wealthy tobacco manufacturer, in 1886. He decided to shorten the longer jacket of the time, among other alterations. He planned on wearing it to a fancy party held at the Tuxedo Club in New York, but wavered at the last minute; luckily, his son was not afraid of the controversy and wore it himself (The Bow Tie).

Pierre Lorillard IV, credited for introducing the tuxedo as we know it today. JB Suits

Tuxedos are now a go-to for all men seeking an elevated, sophisticated look. Men have worn them all throughout history, and although there have been minor variations in each decade, this classic piece has truly stood the test of time.

Check out the gallery to see how men have rocked the tuxedo at prestigious events during the last century…

Written by Lindsay Kalliokoski

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