Demand for second-hand goods are on the rise and thrift shopping has now become similar to a treasure hunt for consumers who are seeking a unique, affordable, and eco-friendly mode of consumption.

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The Thrift Style has taken millennials by the storm. This trend is now being embraced by this group in particular, leading to a fashion movement that incorporates individuality and uniqueness. It gives fashionable youngsters the chance to own a one-of-a-kind vintage piece without having to put a hole through their wallet. While many of us thrift for different reasons, here are 4 key trends as to why millennials choose to buy second-hand.

1. Personalized and DIY

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Millennials take pride in their individuality and personal style. Hence, especially when it comes to fashion, brick and mortar stores are just too cliché for the stylish youngster who prefers to stand out from the sea of branded outfits purchased at the local mall; leading to an increasing rate of the same youth de-branding themselves. Therefore, they resort to thrifting as it allows them to express their personal style while also owning a unique DIY look.

2. Saving Money is Cool

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There is no doubt that many millennials feel attacked by the economic crisis. What better way to combat the downturn of the economy than by thrifting? Every piece found in a thrift store turns out to create in the youngster, great pride in shopping smart but stylishly. Furthermore, there is the added bonus of finding greater quality in vintage clothing, that is hardly found in fast fashion styles today.

3. Sustainability

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According to Vogue editor Emily Fara, “The fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry, in the world, surpassed by only petroleum.” Millennials are moving toward a more conscious and eco-friendly purchase. They are major influencers of the movement against the “disposable culture “of plastic bags and straws; and when they buy something second-hand or previously-loved, they are expanding its lifespan while also reducing carbon footprint.

4. Nostalgia

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People often associate nostalgia with simpler and happier times. What if we told you that’s precisely what Millennials are subconsciously doing as they thrift? According to Psychology Today, “More than half of Millennials say they have laid awake at night in the past month due to stress.” Thrifting has become a form of reminiscing the fond memories of the past. For example, if you did not get to experience the 50s or the 60s, the vintage look calls for a time of stability and lack of stress.


Written by Bow Greenwood

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