Infuse was lucky enough to take part in all of the Startup Fashion Week festivities, the last event to end off the amazing week was the runway show! The fashion show occured on October 19th, 2018; starting with “TI BOTS Canada’s Tallest Model” which gave a shock effect to the audience and allowed interaction with the guests.

          Lulu et Gigi Couture line, where girls were princesses on the runway with tiaras and mesmerizing hair styles.

          The variety of fashion at SFW Toronto included high-end footwear line called (Jehan) where models dressed casually and the flats looked glamorous like a fairytale.

          And as always fashion shows are the perfect platform for sustainable fashion where vegan leather took over the runway with some fascinating designs by Designer Jonah Jay.

          And to close the show, SFW Toronto ended with an art and fashion fusion displaying wearable art designed by Gigi Wang (Chinese Canadian couture)

By Dima Balkhi
Photography by Peter Jung

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