Queen Elizabeth II in 1946, giving us a glimpse into what her future style would bring; she’s rocking a sparkly brooch and a gorgeous flower-detailed hat

If there’s one woman who knows a thing or two about being a royal fashionista, it’s Queen Elizabeth II.

At only 25 years old, Elizabeth’s life was changed forever when she became Queen. Despite her youth, she carried this responsibility with poise and grace. She has been a formidable ruler of the monarchy, and since 1952, she’s not only given us leadership, but stellar fashion looks.

The young and elegant monarch in 1977. She wore this pale blue monochromatic look while visiting Scotland

Queen Elizabeth has been effortlessly stylish her entire life, and always steps out into the public looking her best. She is best known for her bright pops of colour, eye-catching brooches, and elaborate hats.

In a sea of loving subjects and paparazzi with flashing cameras, it is critical the Queen stands out. We can always count on the Queen to rock bright monochromatic looks with splashes of bold patterns. From purple, to red, to yellow, to green, Queen Elizabeth has worn an entire kaleidoscope of colours and hues.

All-out in aqua in 2015 at the Royal Ascot

Green with envy for this 1990 coordinated look!

The Queen accessorizes her vibrant looks with a collection of hats that is rumoured to be in the thousands. Her hats are always unique and include details from bows, to flowers to ribbons.

Queen Elizabeth II embracing the flower power of the 1970s in this mint green look

The Queen takes “head-to-toe” to the next level with her matching hat, dress, and coat in 2018

How to be a royal fashionista: match your umbrella to your hat – The Queen in 2012 at Jubilee Gardens

A sparkly, elaborate brooch completes the final look. She wears a variety of them for different occasions, all precious and extremely valuable. The Queen definitely makes a good case for bringing brooches back in fashion!

Looking like a Glam Queen wearing a one of a kind brooch made in 1911

The Queen pairs a patterned turquoise outfit with a pearly brooch

Over the years, the Queen has never failed to stun us with her style, and at 93 years old, she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

By Lindsay Kalliokosk

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