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The Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2019 show took place in Tokyo, Japan and displayed a variety of forward thinking futuristic designs. On the surface, the collection might seem quite simple, but when you really dive into all of the references made by Kim Jones you see his complex vision come to life. It is safe to say that Infuse is on board with the second Dior Homme collection put out by Jones.

Before we get into the actual collection, let’s address the elephant in the room – or giant female robot sculpture. This was a piece done by Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, famous for his depiction of the female body in robot form. The careful selection of this artist was amazing on behalf of Jones, firstly it paid homage to Japanese art as the show was shown in Tokyo, secondly it tied all of the futuristic references together.

Moving on into the clothing, there is so much to touch on. Firstly, I must give Jones major kudos for the many variations of the Dior logo. I saw at least 3 or 4 different versions throughout the show, and it was amazing to see something fresh and different. I also applaud Jones for his feminine twist on menswear. You can tell he is trying to get men to step out of their comfort zones by putting fabrics and patterns usually dedicated to womenswear down the runway. For example, the floral suiting’s, the sheer tops, and even lace. Jones really wanted men to step out of their comfort zones with the fabrics but he made it work so effortlessly. He challenged the norms of menswear in a way that men can accept, he placed florals and lace on bomber jackets to make it an easy piece for men to adopt. Jones took many menswear staple and put a stylish, fashion forward twist on them.

Another amazing part about this collection were the references to Christian Dior seen throughout. Christian Dior loved playing up femininity, and this collection paid homage to that. Dior loved to use florals, and as we saw Jones not only used florals within the garments, but also had florals pasted on the runway. Jones made another reference to Dior’s work with his suiting’s. He took reference from the Haute Couture Oblique line suiting’s and reinterpreted it for the men of 2019. My personal favourite reference had to be the black kimono-esque jackets shown towards the end of the show. The cinched in waist is a direct reference to the oh so popular “New Look” Dior is so famous for. Never before has there been a designer to re imagine this look for the Dior man, and I must say these two looks stole the show for me.

Written by Deanna Thayer

Featured image from Vogue UK, and photographed by Alessandro Garofalo: Female Robot Sculture by Hajime Sorayama 

Runway Images from Vogue Runway


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