The Growing Trend of Second-Hand Fashion

          ‘Retro’ is a term we give to something that is vintage and interesting. In the fashion world, ‘retro’ can refer to clothing that was popular in a past decade to accessories worn by our grandmothers and mothers. With the growing demand for ethically made materials and environmentally friendly products, second-hand fashion has been on the rise.

          Second-hand fashion refers to products like clothes, shoes, and accessories that were purchased or received from a previous owner. The practice had lead to second-hand and vintage clothing shops opening all over the globe. In a recent survey by Ipsos, British Women were found to be the biggest buyers of second-hand fashion, with 59% admitting they had purchased second-hand fashion items online. The survey also showed a significant change in attitudes over the years, with 3 out of 10 women confessing they are more interested in second-hand fashion today than they were five years ago. Meanwhile, one fifth of women said they currently buy more second-hand fashion items than they did a few years earlier.

          With the emergence of fast-fashion, consumers are purchasing clothes and accessories at an alarmingly fast rate. The practice seems like a good idea on paper, but in reality, fast-fashion has detrimental effects to the environment and workers in third-world nations.

          With the rise of second-hand fashion, more items are being purchased at thrift-stores as well as being donated. The increase of donated items means less are being dumped in landfills and harming the environment. It also means that more people are getting more retro items, making their wardrobes more unique and personalized, a two-sided win for everyone.

Written by Alexandra Sempie

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