With technological advancements expanding everyday it is no wonder why wearable technology is taking off. Starting with Fit Bits, and the Apple watch, Infuse is here to show you the latest in wearable technology.

Infuse talking to Keith taken by Jose Henriquez

          At the Media Launch event during Startup Fashion Week Infuse had the opportunity to speak with the head of Tap2Tag, Keith. This evolving company started off 3 years ago by making customizable plastic business cards. Sound confusing? The concept behind the card is the same as a regular business card, but instead of buying a box of 100+, you only need one. All your personal information is available with the scan of a QR code, can be updated at any point, and only comes at a cost of $50.00. The benefits to this technology are endless: firstly having a single plastic card is far more sustainable than the alternative; it also means that if you have a change of information you are not wasting old cards with inaccurate information; this is also an awesome way to differentiate yourself, as this technology has yet to make it to the mainstream (although Infuse has faith it will make it there one day); lastly instead of having to input all the information typically found on a business card, you can add it onto your phone with a simple click.

Photo by Ria Ankrah Keith and his colleague at Startup Fashion Week

          Now you might be thinking, what does this have to do with fashion? Well the technology has evolved into jewelry that contains info like: contact information, health information, and even has tap to pay technology. Keith has already started meeting with different designers within the area to create something fashionable and wearable. This was always a huge idea for Kieth when creating this technology, he wanted something that people will want to wear, that has a major function within people’s lives.

Photo by Ria Ankrah Tap2Tag booth at Startup Fashion Week

          When asked how he came to become a part of Startup Fashion Week, Keith said that he met Jodi Goodfellow (founder of Startup Fashion Week) at a tech event in 2016 and since then Tap2Tag’s integration into the event was seamless.

          Infuse was lucky to be able to sit down with a company we see taking off into the mainstream in the near future, and cannot wait to see where they go with this new technology. If you are interested in their items you can find them here (https://www.tap2tag.me/) , or you can look out for their products in Best Buy coming 2019.

Written by Deanna Thayer

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