On behalf of Infuse Humber, we would like to apologize for being the bearer of bad news, but Winter has arrived and is fiercely chilling as ever. In truth, fashion trends are not always the most functional for day-to-day consumers. Take for example last year’s craze for transparent clothing like clear plastic pants. ASOS created an uproar on the internet when they launched a pair of pants made entirely out of plastic; and this trend created a short-lived buzz for the curious but trendy consumers. However, the impracticalities of the product finally faded out their interest. This Winter, the runway brings you some practical yet fashionable blanket scarfs that help you stay toasty all throughout the season.

The Fuzzy Blanket

Add fun and exciting textures to your outfits this season with the fuzzy blanket scarf. Not only does this Au Jour Le Jour blanket scarf keep you warm during the harsh winter months but it also transforms your outfits to the next level. Get ready to indulge in the glory of fuzziness this holiday season!

Au Jour Le Jour Fall 2017

The Grinchy Green Blanket Scarf

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is definitely the anthem for winter in Canada. Stay calm and keep warm this season with this Celine Blanket Scarf.

Céline Fall 2017

The Manket

We’ve witnessed the rise in the blanket scarf trend in women’s fashion. However, men too can enjoy the warmth of this practical but fashionable trend. The Manket = (man + blanket = Manket) is the perfect accessory for the modern male who enjoys rocking stylish pieces with their outfits. In 2014, we saw that Burberry displayed a great use of the manket in their Prorsum RTW collection. Here are some ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe this season.

Burberry Menswear Fall 2014

From Runway to the Streets

A must-have winter item has impacted fashion trends on the streets. The blanket scarf, known for its practicality and its cozy cocoon wardrobe possibilities is hitting street fashion at full swing. As the saying goes, ‘the bigger, the better’; and it certainly suits this trend.

Lenny Kravitz Giant Scarf Meme

There is no doubt that Lenny Kravitz is a big fan of the blanket scarf. Lenny shook the people of the internet who witnessed this phenomenon. The paparazzi captured Mr. Kravitz running errands wearing a gargantuan scarf which wrapped around his entire body.  Once the pictures reached the internet, it was quickly turned into an awesome meme. Until this date, Lenny Kravitz Giant Scarf lovers revisit this meme to make the scarf bigger every year, encouraging them to express their creativity.


Written by Bow Greenwood

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