Boro is a marketplace for women to list, discover, and rent clothing from stylish closets across Canada. The founders of Boro saw a problem with disposable fashion, and created a platform where women get to wear the latest styles without adding to pressing environmental issues. Women spend hundreds of dollars on outfits they only wear once, leading to a sizeable amount of money being wasted as well as textiles adding to the wastefulness in the fashion industry. After asking themselves questions such as “What if everyone could instantly have access to quality garments so they do not have to buy them? What if the garments they had access to were not from businesses but from their community?”, they gave birth to Boro.




Rent the outfit

Build your outfit online and have it delivered. Boro has online stylists to help you with fit and size, making the process of finding what to wear easier. Once you’ve made your order, you can wear the outfit for up to 30 days.

Own the moment

Boro is big on owning the moment. They want you to live out experiences in your clothing. Another reason why Boro is a great sustainable option is if you have a one-time event you need a special outfit for. Why spend an unnecessary amount of money on an outfit you’ll wear once, when you can spend a more affordable amount on trendy yet elegant fashion that others can also wear after you.

Return & Review

On the date you are required to return your outfit, you simply ship the pieces back to Boro or drop it off at one of their partner locations. Aside from no return fee, there’s no worry about the cleaning – they handle it all!To find out more information on Boro and how you can get involved in their community, head to their website www.boroit.ca

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