Pull The Zipper: Maya Charbin’s “Northern Night” Fashion Show

Maya Charbin and the models pictured at the event- Photo by Andrea Marchant

Dazzling designs turned a cold night into a mystical, magical evening.

Maya Charbin’s gala and fashion show was nothing less than a perfect. Her annual show was once again hosted at the Harding Waterfront Estate in Mississauga, Ontario.

The cold weather set the stage for a beautiful night that made attendees feel as though they have truly experienced the northern lights. The evening began with shopping, drinking cold wine, snacking on appetizers, (spring rolls being a favorite among the Infuse team!) and warm conversation among guests.

When the highly anticipated hour arrived and the collection hit the runway, audience members were left in awe. Inspired by the “everyday woman”, the collection features removable tulle skirts, a-line designs, and colours that have been taken from the sky itself.

“These pieces are perfect to wear to a wedding, the club…your divorce,” laughed the night’s Master of Ceremonies, Jam Gamble. “You’ll throw your wallet at the models saying, ‘Take my money!’”

Although no wallets were thrown, it’s safe to say the “Northern Nights” collection is nothing less than a multi-functional fashion dream.

Rounding out the night, Maya Charbin takes her well-deserved walk down the runway to the response of an adoring crowd and a standing ovation. As far as evening fashion shows go, this cold night is one never to be forgotten.

By: Kat Kohut

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