Another year, another fashion season commences. With 2018 truly being a big year for plenty of interesting fashion moments, the new year has quite a bit in store for all you fashionistas out there. We have rounded up some of the coolest trends that you need to jump on this year, and some existing ones from 2018 that need to disappear as soon as possible:

What’s In:

1. Tie-dye Magic

After having been a favorite in the summer of 2018, this trend is back with a modern twist and certainly rocking the runways. Dior combined its exquisite craftsmanship along with the tie-dye process and created kaleidoscopic patterns that layered with florals.

Harper’s Bazaar: Dior

2. Shorts are Here to Stay

With the cycling shorts being popular among celebrities and street styles all through 2018, this year finds the trend of shorts updated with several fits and styles from tailored to micro and knee-length. Replace your skirts this spring for a fun boyish outfit and slay the heat.

Left: Harper’s Bazaar, Rejina Pyo; Right: Harper’s Bazaar, Prada

3. Tailored Interpretation for Women

For the year 2019, tailored suits are no longer something that resemble the 80s. They are liberating. Sharper silhouettes that provide a much more pulled-together look with just a pair of tailored trousers, shirts and belts give way for an elegant and polished takeover of patriarchy.

Left: Harper’s Bazaar, Balenciaga; Right: Harper’s Bazaar, Givenchy

4. Fashionable Utility

Having fashion and function balanced together is no feat this summer with the trend of utilitarian jackets, combat trousers, denim boiler suits, oversized anoraks and oversized pockets, coming into play. These trendy yet functional pieces are certainly stars on the runway and are sure to become stars on the streets as well, with its loose-cut features making them less bulky.

Harper’s Bazaar, Fendi

5. Bow your Way into Fashion

Bows are by far the most feminine aspect of the spring/summer trends that are more masculine-driven. From gigantic versions rocking garments by Erdem to back-adorning ones at Wickstead, Preen and Delpozo, these are just a few ways bows can be rocked. If you are less adventurous, try a minimalistic touch with a bow headband or a ponytail topped with a bow.

Harper’s Bazaar, Erdem

What’s Out:

1. The Ugly Shoe Trend

While it’s true that 2018 saw the rise of trends like the clunky dad sneakers and sock-style shoes, we believe it is time to end the trend. Apart from being ridiculously expensive, these perplexing footwear need to be replaced with comfy embellished flats that are a lot more sensible for the hot summer months.

Vogue, Vetements Fall 2018

2. Plastic Handbags

Aside from the fact that they are not environmentally friendly, can we agree that it is simply not chic?

Vogue, Celine

3. Neon Palette

Though a neon palette might be something of a fancy to many who dare to be bold in their fashion statement, this year it’s time to put them out of the limelight and embrace lighter sorbet shades that are sure to keep you looking sophisticated.

Vogue, Oscar de la Renta

2019 sure has some really good fashion trends in store for all you fashionistas and it’s time to start embracing them already, as we let go of the older ones. Make space in your closet ladies, it’s time to slay!

Written by Maria James

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