1. CD Inspired Nails

CD’s may be a bit outdated but it can’t hurt to reminisce on the dreamy sheer and holographic digitally encoded files through manicures.

IG: @jessicawashick

2. Match Made in Heaven

The trend of matching your nails to your outfit is prevalent and thriving in 2019. Why not go the extra mile and try to match your nails to the print or colour of your outfits for the seamless aesthetic?

IG: @jessicawashick

3. Mother of Pearl

This year, add pearl embellishments to your nails for a pleasant twist.

IG: @nail_unistella

4. Get Squiggly with It

In kindergarten we made art, or you could say weird squiggly lines. Get in touch with your inner kindergarten self and get squiggly with it this season.

IG: @nailditbyalyssa

5. Transparently Appealing

2019, the year of see-through nails! Need we say more?

IG: @jessicawashick

6. Greek Fret

While traditional French manicures are out, Graphic Greek key prints on your nail tips are so in.

IG: @drybylondon

7. NUDYcures

As we all know, nude goes with everything! For a touch classiness and elegant, add a hint of nude to your nails to transform your look in subtle ways.

IG: @handmodelkr

8. Nail Accessories

Get to know the queen of nail art and accessories, Eunkyung Park commonly referred to as Unistella. She is the most sought after manicurist in South Korea. Her work is taking Instagram by the storm. In recent years, Park has been responsible for a handful of the top nail trends. Here are some of her works of art.

IG: @nail_unistella

Written by Bow Greenwood

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