In this highly digital age it is hard to keep track of all the different areas where inspiration can come from. Streetwear is a booming style representing the youth of today’s relaxed style, and YouTube has been an important part in youth culture today (eg. Shane Dawson’s docu style series blowing up the internet). Today’s article combines both Streetwear and YouTube by diving into YouTube’s newest stars PAQ.

PAQ is a YouTube show with weekly episodes following around four UK lads: Elias, Shaq, Danny, and Dex. The basis of the show is that of competition. The guys are given a challenge to complete individually – regarding fashion, mainly styling – and at the end of each episode a winner is selected. Even though the episodes are a bit lengthy, averaging the 20 minute mark, it is well worth the watch.

PAQ was brought to YouTube by a video publisher by the name of Kyra TV. Starting off with PAQ along with another show Greatness, the company has blown the internet away with their new way of looking at YouTube content. Giving the audience a new age version of TV streamed online for the whole world to see. The competition aspect is awesome to watch, and even more fun to comment on – something that could not be done on TV. Since then Kyra TV has expanded adding more shows, and more to their team. The most impressive part, majority of the staff employed with Kyra TV are within their twenties.

Back to PAQ, this is a channel that has something for everyone. Each of the cast members having their own unique style offers something for everyone. Some examples of challenges include: Dressing in womenswear, styling a girl in streetwear, finding the rarest streetwear, and even a whole series dedicated to finding the best dressed youtuber. It is needless to say that the channel covers a variety of topics. Best yet, there is a nice balance of affordable items such as vintage, and high end brands (usually overdone by Elias). As the interest in menswear continues to boom so will this channel as it offers a multitude of inspiration for men into fashion today. It helps that it is also very entertaining.

Not only is this an amazing concept for viewers, and YouTube as a viewing platform; it also poses a great landscape for advertising and promotion of brands. So far the PAQ boys have done collaborations with Doc Martens, Footlocker, Spotify, and Converse.

So check out all the amazing mens streetwear content already on the PAQ channel, and stay tuned for their weekly episodes!

Written by Deanna Thayer

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