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At this point, we are all probably familiar with Elon Musk and his successful SpaceX mission where he launched the notorious, highly-advanced Tesla into outer space. Yes, outer space. So, who created this outstanding maverick of an engineer? Ever heard of Maye Musk? If you haven’t, hold on to your horses because she’s equally inspiring and embodies much of that fierce mindset and style that Elon must have learned through his mother.

“Beauty is a lovely smile, being considerate, well-mannered and stylish.”- Maye Musk. She shared this genuinely empowering quote with Hypebeast for the interview of her streetwear shoot.

Before we go any further, who is Maye Musk? She is a Canadian South- African model and a dietitian who is both a mother and a grandmother of the Musk family. Maye is 70-years young and possibly one of the most self-possessed, equanimous, and empowering women in the industry, with an impressive modeling career that is over the span of half a century long. On top of her everlasting beauty she graduates not one, but TWO masters of science degrees.

In today’s beauty standards, the ongoing obsession with being forever young is putting a damper and unnecessary pressure on both young women and men, who are in the pursuit of finding that perfect potion that would magically reverse time and make us look young again. As a result, we hold a negative connotation about aging when it really should be celebrated. As they say, with age comes mastery wisdom.

Maye Musk does not let the industry’s rigid and obscured beauty standards phase her when it comes to being a mature woman with mature skin. She embraces her age allowing her natural gray hair to grow and flourish into existence. She is living her best life and is an empowering icon for many people, especially women around the world.

Check out the gallery to see our favourite images of Maye from her HYPEBEAST interview!

Written by Bow Greenwood

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