Vanessa Craft

Vanessa Craft is a Canadian journalist who has lived a rich and exciting life. She grew up in Toronto and moved to Europe in her late teens to pursue a “non-traditional path” in fashion. After years of unforgettable experiences, Craft returned to Canada, where she began working for Elle as a beauty editor. She found it to be the perfect way to blend her love of fashion and a passion for communicating and collaborating (Khan, 2018).

Even at sixteen years old, Craft was already fashionable and had some serious style; this was a throwback photo she posted to her Instagram feed

In 2016, Craft had her defining moment. She was promoted to Elle Canada’s new editor-in-chief. This is an incredible feat, as out of forty-six editions of the magazine, Craft was the first woman of colour to ever sit on the throne. She made “herstory” and has proved to be an exceptional leader for the magazine (Khan, 2018).

Elle Canada’s newest editor-in-chief, Vanessa Craft

Vanessa Craft at a talk held by Style Circle in 2018, wearing a glamourous snakeskin sequined dress

Craft continues on as editor-in-chief for Elle Canada today, and has recently appeared on the new fashion design competition television show, Stitched. She is one of the judges on the show, and helps decide who the winning designer should be, based on creativity and technical skills (Khan, 2018).

Craft alongside her fellow judges, Kim Cloutier and Joe Zee, promoting the television show Stitched

According to Craft, her passion for fashion stems from the fact that wearing certain clothes can make one feel powerful, sexy and confident. She mentions, with fashion you can play with different parts of your personality and explore your identity. (Slice, 2018).

Craft giving feedback to designers on Stitched

Her advice for buying clothes is to always be aware of the point of view, or story behind the designer. It should be something that is “visually stunning”, or something you’ve never seen before. (Slice, 2018).

Craft wearing a long black leather coat for the Restoration Hardware Kick Off Party at Yorkdale in 2017

Every girl boss fashionista has a few hard-hitting rules, which I will leave you with now. And if Vanessa Craft follows these rules, we probably all should too. There are two simple guidelines Craft sticks to: no white after Labour Day, and always wear fashion that is true to you. (Slice, 2018).

Craft’s number one fashion rule: Wear fashion that is true to you!

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