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Daniel Fletcher’s Fall Winter 2019 show had a very strong theme of the UK’s impending departure from the EU. Previously Fletcher had shown his stance on the subject with his Spring/Summer 2017 collection that featured the word “STAY” on his garments. He has now accepted the fate and has turned to using silhouettes and fibers produced within the UK. This collection blends the sporty and tailored looks that have stemmed from the country. Fletcher used reflective merino wool fabric to mimic the look of denim, and paced slits at the bottom of the trousers to elongate the pants – giving the appearance of the hems being dragged along the floor. The importance of using mills within the UK portrays support for factory jobs, which have been an ongoing issue. The collection is beautifully simplistic, paying homage to Fletcher’s youth. It also shows a shift from the streetwear aesthetic that has dominated the runways in the past years.

Image from Vogue Runway

Photos taken by Filippo Fior

Written by Deanna Thayer

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