Layering Queen

Layers are everywhere at the moment, but sometimes it can be challenging to execute this trend without looking bulky. This winter, change your outlook on the stereotypes of winter outfits being flavorless or uninspiring by implementing the knit on knit trend. Keep the tones muted for those days you feel like cozying up while still looking relaxed and stylish.

Marc Jacobs

Stella McCartney


Jeans under a dress may sound a little outlandish but trust us when we say that it is more stylish and functional than you think. The right pair of straight-leg jeans juxtaposing a dainty dress will introduce a playful layer and dimension to your outfit, creating a tomboy contrast while keeping your legs warm for the Fall/Winter season.


The Fashion Fraction

Annabel Rosendahl


Don’t be afraid to play with texture this season. Winter is the perfect time of the year to experiment and try some exciting layering trends. Play with various textures and volume by mixing gorgeous textiles like brocade, velvet, metallic, lace, silk, wool, etc. With an endless list of textiles, mix it up this Fall/Winter and create a well-crafted look by adding an element of surprise through each layer.




Pair a casual hoodie with a dressy blazer to create the perfect juxtaposition this Fall/winter. Both these elements form a cute and exciting visual for your outfits; the strictness of the blazer will whip the nonchalant and cool hoodie into shape. In contrast, the sporty vibe of the hoodie will relax the formality of the blazer.




Written by Bow Greenwood

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