2018 is the year for neon to make its big, bright and bold debut. Typically, we associate dull and dark hues with the Fall/ Winter season. However, this year, we predict that your closet is going to be occupied by the various highlighter-hues garments that will undoubtedly make you stand out in big crowds. As we move away from the minimalistic trend, get ready to revive your 80’s spirit and unleash your neon power this FW 2018.

          In truth, fashion trends happen like this: first, the innovators/ major influencers propel a trend by wearing something new and unique that people have not seen in a while. Then, the trend trickles down as it is picked up by the early adopters. Thus, begins the emulations for various high-end designers. Then, the early majority begins to wear the trend mass produced by fast fashion brands. Finally, the trend starts to lose its momentum in the late majority and laggard stage.

          So, who started the neon frenzy? You could argue that a chemist named, Sir William Ramsay from London England was the originator for this bold trend. After all, he was the first person to discover and establish the existence of neon in 1898. From there, the idea of neon bloomed into the world of fashion, and the rest is history.  Here are some of the major influencers of the neon trend this FW 2018.



          Last fall, Prada launched its obnoxiously eye-catching bright highlighter neon collection. The glowing florescent digital prints layered with hefty utilitarian workwear contrasting with girlish tulle pieces excited fashionistas worldwide. The collection itself was most definitely not bland, as it challenged the fashion world to think outside of the box.

House of Holland

          We observed Henry Holland’s 2018 collection and had concluded that he, also, is inspired by the beautiful acidic neon colours. Holland’s eccentric and jovial pieces made a bold statement as he spilled vibrant colours on London’s fashion week this year.


          Anna Yang expresses her rebellious elegance and strong personality through the multifaceted and bold- high energy colours. His SS 2019 collection shines a light on the unconventional sense of beauty and utilizes neon accents to add a concentric sense of freedom. Perhaps Anna hits a home run with the perfect equilibrium between tradition and rebellion that successfully speaks and translates to his audience.


          Donatella is another fan of the neon brights this season. For lack of a better term, Versace’s SS 2019 is super extra- from the tight n bright party dresses to the platform pumps, the designer invites her audience to join Versace’s spirit to induce their unofficial motto of- “more is more.”


          As Fall 2018 approaches, we begin to see more celebrities and influencers embracing neon. From Blake Lively’s head-to-toe lime-green power suit, Kim K. and Kanye serving us the neon couple vibes, and Sarah Paulson’s Ocean’s 8 bright and fluffy, neon premiere dress we believe that fashion has officially gotten a lot brighter. Be bright and fun this fall/ winter and enter the realm of futuristic neons.

Written by Bow Greenwood

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