Last Wednesday kicked off the FAM (Fashion, Arts and Music) Fest: a three day fashion, art and music festival held at the Airship37 gallery near the historic Distillery District. With a different theme assigned to each day, the opening night was dedicated to displaying works from local artists around the space – and a party to kick it off, of course!

Artists and art enthusiasts alike rubbed shoulders and elbows over drinks served from two bars as they mingled amongst each other in the two rooms on opposite sides of the building. Paintings picked by art curator Angela Kim adorned the walls and ranged from intricate impressionisms to bold pop art collages.

Crowd mingling.  Photograph provided by Deyan Dominionart

We spoke to Brent Doty, a multimedia artist who had four works displayed in the show, made entirely of smaller images – cheeky portraits of Trump (dressed up as Che Guevara and made out of smaller pictures of Pinocchio) and the Queen of England (made up of drag queens) as well as two of Picasso and Warhol, made up of biographical images that relate to the late artists’ lives.

“Most of it is basically collage – cut and paste – but there’s so much preparation that goes into it, especially the biographical ones. I do a lot of research. Each painting takes about a month to do”, he stated.

Brent’s paintings in the main room. Photograph provided by Deyan Dominionart

We also sat down with the curator of the show (who is also an insurance broker by day), Walter Barubek and asked him how FAM fest came to be. He answered, “I have a passion for mingling and mixing with people. I do lots of little fun events. I like to do networking without networking – meet people, have a great time and build relationships.”

Great turnout. Photograph provided by Deyan Dominionart

“I really appreciate the team, putting about 250 hours into this, and it came together,” Walter mused, when we asked if he was happy with how the event turned out. “I’m proud to say we had no issues working together. Sometimes with these things you can get into big battles or heated tempers. I’m happy to say it was a great experience to work with people.”

As for what’s next for FAM Fest? After a successful 3-day festival run, each night full of glamorous and enthusiastic participants, we can expect to see them back next year for round 2. Until then, both Walter and The Berkeley Social, the event planning company that helped put on the event, will be hosting other events throughout the year!

Walter and Angela address the crowd. Photograph provided by Deyan Dominionart

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