Front of Yaser & Mayasa Co. pop-up store in Toronto

It is no lie that Toronto is a melting pot of cultures. From food to fashion, it certainly sees a wide range of international businesses setting up shop and gaining popularity among residents. One such business is the textile and fabric brand Yaser & Mayasa Co. Located at Baghdad, Dubai, Shanghai and Toronto of course, this company hosted a mini pop-up event at Toronto’s Yonge Street from the 17th of December up till the 23rd, and I had the privilege of attending it.

Mr. Yaser Albeer (left) responsible for introducing the high-end fashion line and Mr. Husain Albeer (right) responsible for the opening of a showroom in North America

Established in 1920, the company’s history spans over generations where it started out as Yaser Textiles in Baghdad, Iraq. With immense fabric and business knowledge being passed down through five generations, the name of the company was changed from Yaser to Yaser & Mayasa Textiles, after both the children that the family was blessed with. The business is based off of the belief that women ought to be respected, while also looking elegant and sophisticated. That fashion need not be compromised on, no matter the culture one lives in. Having set up their business in different parts of the world, clientele come from different nationalities and cultures, leading them to conduct several research initiatives along with studying various languages in order to cater to their clients in the best possible manner.

Mr. Husain Albeer (left) and Mr. M. Yousif Albeer (right), responsible for expanding the company to four retail and two wholesale stores in Baghdad

Yaser and Mayasa Co. believes in the formation of relationships, whether it be with clients or suppliers, and in providing the best in quality. Exclusive designs and beautiful fabrics are constantly sought from different corners of the world, one of the major suppliers being from China. Some of the wide variety of fabric options that the business carries include Brocade, Taffeta, Jacquard, Organza, Leather, Pique, Ponte De Roma, Pure Linen, Velvet, Tulle, Lace, Poly Crepe, and even Cotton Satin. Apart from these luscious fabric choices, they also offer design services to clients and anyone who wishes to seek support or sponsorship for new designers in the fashion industry.

Mr. Husain Albeer (left) and a customer engaging with a textured fabric at the pop-up store

The pop-up store was truly a fun experience to get to know this unique business that has been thriving for 99 years. From exquisite Eastern-influenced fabrics to couture designs, clients were able to get themselves measured for any made-to-order pieces, at great prices. After speaking with Mr. Husain Albeer, CEO of Yaser & Mayasa in North America, and manages young designers while contributing to the emerging Canadian Fashion Industry, it is certain that there is a bright future for the business; especially once they open their new branch in China soon.

Ms. Sophon Chou (left) of Mode Events and Mr. Husain Albeer (right) at the pop-up event.

Mr. Husain Albeer (far right) along with happy customers

Images from taken by the company

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