While most of us want to wear garments that help us look our best, not all of us can afford to spend a fortune on them; especially students. Do you wake up and find yourself spending hours putting together outfits only to end up crying out the phrase ‘I have nothing to wear’? You’re in luck! We have put together a few tips to help you curate your closet carefully and in an affordable manner, so as to end up with pieces that mix and match and make you look effortlessly fashionable.

1. Though most students buy fast fashion finds, try to invest in a handful of statement pieces. This can include jewelry, a statement skirt, handbag or even a coat. This would create that extra ‘oomph’ to your outfit when you need to take it from casual to dressy. 

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2. Ensure every garment fits your body perfectly. Look for flattering cuts and curves, especially on sale racks. Resist the urge to purchase something that you think you would fit in a few months later as you will never use it. Consider taking your garment to a tailor if you really like a piece and want it fitting your body well. Alterations don’t cost as much as spending a fortune on clothing that don’t fit well.

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3. Know your fabrics. Linen, faux suede and cotton are three fabrics that look expensive, while rayon and acrylic tend to pill and lose their shape with a few wears. Look for the former three fabrics when shopping at fast fashion stores and you are bound to end up with something that looks great but is affordable.

4. Replace buttons. Even if you are not a seamstress, buttons are one of the easiest things to attach to a garment and by replacing plastic shiny buttons on fast fashion finds with better looking ones that you may find at several craft stores, it makes a world of a difference.


5. Look to streamline your outfit and avoid too many bulky pieces. Creating fluidity to your outfit makes it look chic and expensive. This can even be done to a fast fashion structured handbag where you get rid of bulky dangling charms or extra handles to make it look elegant.

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6. Make sure you got your classics handy. Mixing and matching these help you achieve several outfit options without having to buy too many pieces. These include but are not limited to a little black dress, a white shirt, camisoles or tank tops in colors of your choice, denim, a little white dress, black and nude pumps. 

7. When in doubt, dress in monochromatic outfits. Going all-white or all-black is absolutely chic and a great way to look put together. Make sure to take care of your whites and match the blacks well. 

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8. Take good care of your outfits. Every garment requires care whether it be dry cleaning or handwashing. Make sure you store them in the right position and wipe down your footwear, jewelry and handbags after each use to keep them looking like new always.

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