Let’s do DIY like they did in the 1970s.

Girl wearing crochet dress

A crotched mini dress with cap and bell sleeves circa 1969

With the rise of highly individualistic, unique fashion, along with an increased focus on sustainability, DIY is more popular than ever. How far will your imagination take you?

Do-It-Yourself has been around for decades, but the time period when this hobby truly thrived was in the 70s.

From crochet to macramé, at-home creations were all the rage.

Patterns could be purchased for beautiful dresses, tops, and bottoms. At-home couture? Yes, please!

70s sewing pattern for collared dresses

A pattern from the 1970s for creating a mini skater dress from Simplicty

70s sewing pattern bell bottom jeans

Making DIY jeans that were custom to you! We would love a pair with that multicoloured strip down the side!

Along with making clothing from various patterns, “needlecrafters started getting creative…and weren’t afraid to push the envelope and make things interesting” (Lowbrow, 2014). Yarn as a “textile” exploded during this time period and DIY-ers were hard at work knitting extravagant pieces.

70s man and woman knitting

All tangled up in the fashion of the decade

women in a mustard knitted maxi dress with bell sleeves

1970s DIY style exemplified with this stunning mustard-coloured knitted maxi dress with bell sleeves

Denim was growing in popularity during this era, and the DIY-ers who were had their own pair of jeans could customize them anyway they wanted. They added patches, buttons, and extra details to make them totally one of a kind.

women in patchwork flare jeans and denim top

This modern take on patchwork denim was a sure sign of DIY in the 1970s

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