With winter in full swing, our wardrobes are now filled with jackets, scarves, boots and all things warm. For most of us, winter is a dreary and dull season with hardly any pop of color as most of us walk around in black or neutral colored coats. However, what if we tell you that does not have to be the case. What if it is possible to be a bright ray of sunshine in a sea of neutrals? Here are some fashionista-approved ways you can bring a dash of color to your winter wardrobe.

Investing in a Bright Statement Coat

For the bold fashionistas out there, this seems like a sure-fire way to stick out of the crowd of people who wear black or grey coats. Go for bright and bold colors like red or a subtle pastel color like lilac. Don’t be afraid to dig through thrift stores for printed or studded coats; or give yourself a DIY day where you embellish your favorite coat with some pearls or patches. Style the coat up with a cute dress, stockings and boots; or style it down with jeans and a simple tee, and watch the compliments come pouring in.

Bring the Prints to Your Pants

Fight your winter blues away with a pair of floral-printed pants. Not only will this bring some cheer to your day but to others around you as well. Pair your printed pants with a plain tee or a chunky sweater for a cute look.

Jazz Up Your Tights

Winter weather should not scare you into not wearing your favorite skirt or dress. But instead of wearing dull black tights, jazz it up a bit by pairing your outfit with a brightly colored pair of tights. You can even double up with some thick ankle socks and boots for a truly warm but adorable 90s look.

Boots with Color

Brighten up your casual outfit with a colorful boot. Denim and short black skirts look great when paired with bright and crazy boots. Thrift stores have some excellent colorful boot choices; just make sure to weather-proof them before walking through all the snow and salt.

Accessorize Yourself in Color

From colourful jewelry to beanies, and handbags to scarves, this is probably the easiest way to add a pop of color to your outfit for those afraid to make too  bold a statement. With pom-poms and tassels being a huge hit on runways this past year, you can either make your own colorful jewelry or get some at stores like Forever 21 or Aritzia.

While it can get a bit intimidating to step out of your home dressed in brightly colored garments, it’s a great way to stand out in a crowd and show off your fashion style. To help ease you into a colorful winter wardrobe, start out with one piece; whether it be a pair of tights or an accessory. Slowly ease yourself into more color to become a pro at brightening your winter fashion.

Written by Maria James

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