New Year’s Eve might just be the most enchanting night of the year – elaborate parties, bubbly champagne, and an electrically charged optimism for the 365 days ahead.

This magic transcends into fashion, and the outfits we wear to the big soirée. If you’ve chosen an NYE look already, chances are it has some sparkle or glitter. I mean, why not ring in the New Year wearing the snazziest threads possible?

Our love of sparkly things dates all the way back to ancient civilizations. Chips of mica were used by humans in cave paintings during the Upper Paleolithic period (Sharma, 2017). Cleopatra crushed beetles to create a glittery substance; she was the original glam queen and inspired ornate fashion for centuries to come (Stoddard, 2016).

The Roaring 20s is defined by extravagant, bedazzled flapper dresses. During this era, women loved to shimmer and shine, especially as they danced the night away at speakeasies. Their garments would often be weighed down by the number of beads and sequins that were sewn on (Oyler, 2015).

Rationing materials in the 1940s took a serious toll on fashion. Many materials had to be used for war efforts, but something the soldiers did not need were sequins. Women stitched these lustrous pieces on their clothes for special occasions, which added a glimmer of fun in an otherwise dark time (Oyler, 2015).

“Glam rock” became popular in the 1970s, and aside from the music itself, it was all about sparkling like a star on stage. Performers during this time period rocked head-to-toe glitter and flashy, reflective fabrics. They typically had custom outfits created for each concert (Stoddard, 2016).

The glitter phenomenon continued into the 80s and 90s and is still just as popular today. Sparkles remain a staple for every artist on stage, and it is has become a part of both mainstream and high-end fashion.

Sequins are now synonymous with the glitz of the holiday season and are essential for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve look.

The countdown is officially on. Glitter, glimmer and glow your way into 2019, and start the year off right!

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Written by Lindsay Kalliokoski

Sources for photos used can be found by clicking the image

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