With social media’s major presence and the interconnected world moving at the speed of light, we get to witness numerous fashion looks through the comfort of our home. This is luxury we receive from our dear friend, technology. However, information can be tricky to decipher due to the saturation of artists, musicians, celebrities, and internet influencers taking up most of social media platforms.

          Consequently, selecting the true current fashion icon may be difficult to execute. The infuse team wants to help you make you decisions with ease. We’ve pinned down 6 male fashions icons who’ve made a name for themselves through either by rocking their own unique looks, or through inspirations from classic looks from the past.

1. ASAP Rocky

The rapper and artist is known for his effortlessly cool, chilled-out eccentric style. His uniqueness and confidence ooze through his fashion. ASAP’s style has become synonymous with creativity and freedom. He paves the path for a generation of people who aspire to drive a different sense of what fashion is. ASAP is notoriously known for mixing high-end designer brands with casual staples. Additionally, ASAP is the type of character that can make anything look cool by simply just throwing it on. He is a big fan of monochrome outfits, but recently, he has been venturing out to more adventurous colours and patterns. He indeed is a “FashionKilla” and a fashion icon of our generation.

2. Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham has our full attention and it’s not just because of his famous parents (David and Victoria Beckham), but because of his unique sense of style. He may only be 19 years old but Brooklyn knows what he’s doing when it comes to fashion. As his impressive social media storm continues to grow, Brooklyn has photographers keeping all eyes on him. Who can blame them, Brooklyn has been on the men’s most well-dressed train, and it doesn’t seem like the train is slowing down anytime soon.

3. Lucky Blue Smith

Image I

At the age of 10, Lucky was scouted by modelling agencies in his hometown Spanish Fort, Utah. He is known for his bleach blonde hair, jawline that can cut diamonds, and a spectacular sense of style. Lucky favours sleek fitting, tailored suits with bright, eye catching prints and bold hues. Lucky has become an international model sensation while still maintaining success in his music career (The Atomics). He travels the world to model for designers like: Tom Ford, Fendi, Versace and many more. What else can’t he do?

4. Tinie Tempah

Image K

An OG ambassador for men’s fashion, it is clear to see that this British rapper has a keen eye for style. Mixing street style with expensive tailoring, he is taking the whole ‘geek chic’ look to another level. As a style icon for a generation, Tempah doesn’t disappoint: it’s all about merging cleanness with attitude.

5. Jaden Smith

Image N
Image O

Young and Carefree! Jaden has been in the fashion scene for over a decade now and he seems to only be growing. He is known for challenging gender ‘norms’ and traditional masculinity in fashion. With his gender fluid style Jaden Smith is truly the definition of carefree, and seeks to make every outfit into a piece of art. His chill and creative vibe shines through his fashion and has evolved over the years. The word funky is underrated in Jaden’s case.

6. Timothée Chalamet

Image Q
Image R

Timothée Chalamet is the one of the biggest stars right now. He is spoken about by all – from Hollywood to the biggest fashion houses. Known for his roles in “Lady Bird” and “Call Me By Your Name” Chalamet has become our newest fashion icon. Nominated for an Oscar at the age of 21 while killing the fashion scene is quite impressive. There’s a ‘nonchalant’ ease in which he wears his clothes that makes him even more charming. Who knew that was even possible?

Written by Bow Greenwood

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