You and your bank account need to conduct a meeting asap! Brace yourselves this fall/winter as we introduce this season’s runway statement pieces including handbags, shoes, belts and other accessories must haves. A girl worth her own weight in clothes will understand the importance of what a well-rounded and comprehensive accessory collection will do to her wardrobe. The right accessory can revamp and transform the entire outfit by incorporating the spunk, spice, and the right amount of sass back into the look. Buckle up and get ready for the Infuse Team to take you for a trip through the accessories trends this FW 2018.




          The most outlandish, eye-catching accessories that came down the runway this season is by no other, Gucci: Tiny Baby Dragon.  Luckily, the dragon was sleeping. Perhaps, Gucci is super fond of Game of Thrones and is inspired by the Mother of Dragons herself… But who can blame them?


           The baby dragon is eerily realistic looking and incorporates an imaginative flair to the spark the viewer’s point of view to the collection. Gucci’s creative Game of Throne realness is totally a mood for this season.


           According, to Gucci the Dragon is not a bit from GoT but rather from a real-life author staged finding a baby dragon in his garage in Oxfordshire, England.


           What do you guys think? Would you carry around a baby dragon as an accessory? Are handbags out and baby dragons in? Let the Infuse Team know. We’d love to hear your wonderful responses.

Sadly, a baby dragon is not the most practical accessory for our day-to-day usage. Below are some of this season’s coolest accessories trends to try this fall/winter.

Hands-Free Bags

          This Fall, the hand-free and care-free aesthetic sets center stage for its mega trend down the runway. This accessory is a must-have for those who enjoy functional fashion. Not only is this trend practical but it also helps build a cinched-in effect at the waist, giving wearer’s a curvy silhouette to help de-bulk our hefty/bulky winter/fall coats and garments. Best fits the girl or boy who’s always on the go and likes to look fashionably chic without having to sacrifice the usability of your hands.

Colourful Leather Gloves

           The Colourful mid-rise leather gloves are a crucial accessory for FW trends. Not only do they keep you warm from the cold, cruel, and bitter winters but it can be infused with your wardrobe to build a hefty dose of personality and originality. The colourful aspect of the accessory will introduce a merry hue to your outfit while contrasting the dull and dim environment of the winter months.

Sassy Statement Scarves

          Combat this cold winter with a functional but stylish statement scarf. Your neck and your outfit will thank you. If you want to embrace your ‘French girl’ aesthetic this fall and hide from the cold, its best to look stylish doing it. The colourful and cheerful hues from the scarf will transform your outfits to the next level. Get funky with the patterns. Try out vibrant colours and step out of your comfort zone without having to sacrifice body heat.

Chunky Chain Links


          Add the edge back to your outfit this FW 2018 with heavy metal chains. You can draw attention and highlight your outfit by incorporating an important artist rule of thumb: contrast. By utilizing contrast, you allow the viewer’s eye to jump to the most essential part of the outfit. This highlights what you want the viewer to see first. To create contrast in your outfit, start with your softer beautiful garments and proceed to add the edge back with some harsh, gritty, chunky chains. The roughness and boldness of the chains will balance and transform your simpler outfits with a blink an eye.

Written by Bow Greenwood

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